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With the current work being done on the storm sewer improvements we have closed off Main Street entirely through town. There were a few issues at the start of the project that were addressed by putting stop signs along Locust Street to slow traffic that was rerouted due to the Main Street closure.  Cars are now taking Vine Street to avoid the stop signs. The village will put stop signs at the east and west side of the intersection of B and Vine and a three way stop at D and Vine to slow traffic coming down the hill to try and prevent an accident at that location. 
Mike with Pavers has a request in to the state to coordinate the closure of the 55 Spur from 77 to the railroad tracks on the west side of Roca with BNSF the week of September 17 - 22.  This will allow Pavers to do the concrete and milling overlay work from A Street to the Roca Tavern.  Weather permitting this will open up A Street for access to Roca Berry Farm for pumpkin season.

Weather permitting the storm sewer work will be completed the middle of October. Curb and gutter work is set to begin the first week of October with all paving work completed the middle of October.


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