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This project is to resurface and smooth the road, repair potholes and cracks and to improve storm draining and is being funded                                                                              partly by Highway Allocation Funds.  ME Collins will be starting Storm Sewer work on either Thursday August 16th or Monday the 20th.                                                                  Collins will be starting at the Co-op and working their way east up to D street. This work will take approximately 4 weeks, as long as                                                                        there are no surprises when placing new storm sewer.  Pavers will be starting road work after Labor Day, and their work is scheduled                                                                          to take approximately 3 weeks.  It was decided to close Main Street to everyone but Local Traffic starting on August 22nd. This will shave                                                                      a few weeks off of each operation. But there will be access for locals in town and A street will be open in time for Roca Berry’s opening                                                          weekend (September 22nd).  For more information or details regarding our meetings and agendas, please click on "Village Meetings" at                                                                   the top of this page.


  • Roca Water Tower

    Roca Water Tower

  • Welcome to Roca

    Welcome to Roca

  • Roca Business District

    Roca Business District

  • Roca Community Center

    Roca Community Center

  • Old Time Roca

    Old Time Roca

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Please read the next page carefully and it will guide you through the process and what you need to do to reserve the date.   You can find the Rental Agreement under "Village Forms".

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